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What better way to acknowledge World Refugee Day 2018 than by spreading word about an information-packed app created especially for this growing population of displaced people?

The multilingual Love-Europe Refugee App, free and easily downloadable from to the ubiquitous cellphones carried by refugees, provides maps and information about ministries and events focused on assisting the displaced travelers. There’s also a TWR-managed media section featuring Christian programs, including Women of Hope, Hope for Syria and a new series especially for refugees, New Country, New Home.

TWR Europe, which partners with several other ministries to form the Love-Europe network, is promoting the useful app in observance of World Refugee Day today, June 20. The United Nations began the annual event in 2001 to raise awareness of the plight of individuals and families that have been forced to flee their homelands because of conflict and persecution.

The first steps toward integrating refugees into their new communities involve making contacts and feeling comfortable and welcomed, according to a news release from Love-Europe.

“The goal of this program is to provide refugees with a connection, to show them that they’re not alone, provide them with hope,” Lucas da Silva, TWR director of Southern European ministry, said in an interview on Mission Network News. “I think that’s a very biblical idea, the idea of loving your neighbor but also welcoming the stranger.”

The global refugee problem continues to grow, with displaced people numbering more than 68.5 million and 25 million having fled to other countries. More than half the latter group is under 18 years old. In Europe alone, roughly 1.5 million refugees have arrived since 2015, and over 800 have been reported dead or missing in 2018.

To learn more about the Love-Europe ministry and its app to aid refugees, read and listen to the article and audio segment of da Silva’s interview on Mission Network News. And if you feel led to play a part in this ministry, also known as Refugee Bridge, you can do so here.