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A Uruguayan church’s decision to air sermons over TWR360 is being called a breakthrough for the rapidly growing Web gateway to Christian media resources.

Senior Pastor Lemuel Larrosa signed the agreement that makes First Evangelical Baptist Church of Uruguay (known by its Spanish acronym PIEBU) the first church outside the United States to become a partner on the TWR360 website. The partnership represents a breakthrough in TWR360’s continuing development as the premier portal to multilingual, multicultural spiritual resources. 

“From the very beginning, the vision for TWR360 was never for it to be just a U.S.-based site,” said Ralf Stores, U.S. director of media development for TWR (also known as Trans World Radio). “It was designed to be an international site with international content providers. Now we have another way to get indigenous content.”

The list of languages by which users can access and search for audio, video and text content on TWR360 is now at 41 and continues lengthening. The number of visits to the site topped a half million in August 2015, coming from 222 countries and territories.

For many years PIEBU has collaborated with TWR to have its recorded services broadcast to a wide area, and its leaders have observed how the radio outreach has helped the congregation and has brought new people into the church. Pastor Larrosa, who also is host of the Spanish version of Thru the Bible and serves as TWR’s international director of Hispanic ministries, said the church’s goal is to help lay a solid doctrinal foundation in Latin America and beyond.

“The vision of Trans World Radio is to reach people wherever they are, and that matches the vision of this church,” he said. “We’ve found that there are people who speak Spanish everywhere in the world, and through TWR360, we’ll be able to reach every country where Spanish is spoken.”

Stores is eager for the breakthrough with PIEBU to help bring other international churches on board – from Ukraine, Russia, China, the Middle East and elsewhere around the world.

“These churches will be breaking outside the four walls of their sanctuaries, and that pastor who is preparing his sermons every single week for his sheep now has the opportunity to share the same message with people around the world,” Stores said.

Stores expects PIEBU’s ministry page, featuring its streaming audio, to debut on TWR360 within two or three weeks.