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TWR needs people of all ages, skill sets and commitment levels to join our mission and help reach the world for Christ. Below you will find several positions which urgently need filling. Perhaps you or someone you know would be a good candidate to touch hearts and transform lives for His Kingdom!


Assist in responsibility for operation and maintenance of studio and transmitting equipment, antenna phasing unit (Phasor), feed lines, antenna tuning units and site control software. Also includes cooling equipment, audio processing, studio to transmitter link equipment and all ancillary equipment used to maintain transmitter. Duties also include such tasks as assisting in responsibility for correct function and maintenance of studio equipment, including automation systems participating in ‘on call’ monitoring of broadcasts and coordinating purchase of parts related to maintenance and repair of broadcast equipment. For more information about the positions listed above, and others, please click here.

Information Technology/Information Systems

Are you an IT/IS "geek" who's looking to serve the Lord with your talents and gifts? TWR needs people just like you! From programming to systems administration, there is much to be done as TWR expands our reach into the Digital Age. This particular field is one that we have a critical shortage of manpower in. For more information about the positions listed above, and others, please click here.

Maintenance Personnel

TWR urgently needs individuals with a mechanical and electrical background, experience in structure maintenance, good health and ability to safely climb towers and experience with lifting and moving heavy objects. Participate in maintenance of antenna towers and associated equipment, diesel machinery, transmitter building, studio building and related sites, missionary residences and mission vehicles. Maintenance includes air conditioning, fences, roofing, painting, electrical, grounds, etc. For more information about the positions listed above, and others, please click here.


A Senior Level Accountant, as primary back-up to Regional Finance Director, will participate in preparation of departmental expense budgets, regional income forecasts and assist in entry of budget details into Navision software system. Will oversee fixed asset record management, accounts receivable, insurance records, and must learn Fund Accounting for Navision software. Will give recommendations for additional internal controls, where necessary, and adhere to those already in place. Assist in preparation of year-end account review work papers and preparation of government and other reports may be required. Four year degree in Accounting (or equivalent as professional accountant), understanding of North American standards for financial statement preparation and familiarity with “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” (GAAP) is required. Must have experience in an accounting intensive, computerized environment, have experience managing foreign currencies and in accounting for not-for-profit organizations; must also have experience with fund accounting. For more information about the positions listed above, and others, please click here.
To view more available positions, please click here.