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(Caption: An anchor wire at the transmitter site, temporarily secured to other posts, will have to be resecured in the aftermath of the stormy weather on Guam.)

A monsoon rainband continues to dump water on Guam, but the rate has eased a bit and enabled staff to make some headway in restoring TWR’s broadcast transmitters to full operation.

The international media ministry issued an urgent prayer request Friday as the staff battled rain, winds, floods and power outages to keep broadcasting gospel programming from its powerful shortwave transmitters on the Pacific island.

“TWR was birthed and bathed in prayer from its earliest days,” said John Summerville, TWR director of radio partnerships. “And TWR’s prayer partners are critical to this worldwide ministry. We depend on a great and mighty God and the ardent prayers of His people. That has been especially true during the tumultuous and threatening weather Guam experienced. Sending out an alert to radio stations in the U.S. and the TWR donor base, people all over the globe prayed for the safety of our staff and equipment.”

Station Director George Ross reported Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, that most of the flooding of roads has subsided, and trees and brush have been cleared from roads and power lines. Power has been fully restored, although a few glitches occur from time to time. Water has not been restored at the transmitter site, according to Ross.

Despite the siege by high winds and heavy downpour, the transmitter site lost only 20 minutes of airtime. Work to counteract the effects of the storm has already repaired the No. 2 transmitter, and disrupted programming was switched over to an alternate transmitter. Ongoing are repairs to an antenna guy wire, a drop line and a brake mechanism on antenna No. 3, Ross said.

No casualties were cited in news reports about the Guam deluge, but some residents were still without power after five days. Others on the southern part of the island lost water service when an earthquake late last week off the coast of the capital caused three water lines to break.