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TWR-Nepal has consistently invested ongoing efforts in visiting remote villages and churches to meet up with the pastors and connect with existing and new listeners of TWR programs. This month, the team went around to several districts to distribute the TWR program guides and collect listeners’ letters from several churches and villages. There were wonderful opportunities to have personal meetings with several pastors and church members to introduce TWR-Nepal’s ministry, have joint prayer sessions and join in their worship services.

Through the teaching of the Word via these programs, some listeners in Nepal have grown in their understanding of the Word and have a passion to serve God. Some even assumed leadership roles in their church to assist other Christians. Shova, a 50-year-old Nepalese listener is one of them and the following is her testimony.

“I am a regular listener of the programs from TWR-Nepal. I used to be weak in understanding the Word of God. Ever since I started listening to the programs daily, I have greater knowledge and understanding about our Lord Jesus Christ. The program has helped me build a strong foundation in his Word and grow spiritually. The programs encourage me to live out a fulfilling Christian life. God has given me the wisdom and knowledge to share the gospel. Presently, I am able to lead worship sessions and prayer meetings.

My husband who used to drink and smoke has also been transformed and he is attending church with me. The programs have given me and my family a new life. I would like to express my gratitude to TWR-Nepal for the teaching of God’s Word.”

To learn more from TWR-Asia’s website, click here.