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This past fall, TWR-Africa's Lebo Pooe began a four-year journey at Moody Bible Institute after receiving a radio scholarship. The scholarship was established by a partnership between TWR, Moody Radio and HCJB Global, and provides four years at Moody's undergraduate Chicago campus and an internship at Moody Radio Chicago.

Lebo is currently learning skills that strengthen her radio training and deepen her knowledge of the Bible. "Thanks to the Bible classes, I understand more about God's Word and why I believe what I believe, so it's easier to communicate that to someone else. My Moody professors have done a great job of making sharing the gospel natural, and I realized that I can disciple people through how I live my life," she says.

After Lebo graduates from Moody, she plans to continue serving with TWR in South-Africa. "There are so many stories in Africa that should be told by Africans," she says. "I envision being a tool in telling these stories."

Read more about Lebo on our website, and listen to a program featuring her on Moody Radio.