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"You’re listening to TWR, your friendly voice in Africa." These are familiar words to many across the continent who tune in to TWR’s broadcasts. Through shortwave radio, local AM/FM stations and on-the-ground ministry, TWR is helping to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS, build up Christian families, give hope to the suffering and enable the impoverished.

TWR’s vision for Africa is to reach a day when every man, woman and child will be able to obtain the Word of God in their heart language.

Here are some letters we've received from a few of TWR’s eager listeners in Africa:

“I am a student who listens to TWR every evening. I like the Swahili and English programs. I live in a hut with seven other boys. When listening to your program, only two of us are able to understand the broadcast in English and Swahili. I am writing to ask that you include a Juba Arabic program. Juba Arabic is understood by all of us and you will be serving us all in this language.” — A listener in Southern Sudan

“The TTB program is such a blessing to us. I gather people here every morning for us to listen to the messages together. It has really been a good devotional. The messages are so enlightening. I suggest you increase the time allotted to it; the current 30 minutes are not enough at all.” — A listener in Ghana

“My neighbors and I are so very blessed by this program. From the mountains, east of the DRC we are able to tune into this program and when it is time for the broadcast, my neighbors and I gather around the radio receiver to listen to it. Afterward, we discuss it to better understand what we have just heard. Thus, as pastors and evangelists, we are more and more equipped with Bible knowledge that helps us to teach our congregations. May God continue blessing you richly.” — A Listener in in Democratic Republic of Congo

Learn more about TWR's minstry in Africa.