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For five days in August, more than 30 TWR-Asia staff that represented six countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines) gathered in the beautiful mountainous region of Batu, Indonesia to attend a Church Partnership Coaching program.

Facilitated by Barbara Shantz, TWR’s Global Development Liaison, the program equipped participants with knowledge and skills which they can apply and use to assist local staff and ministry leaders in partnering local churches more effectively. The participants also learned about the differences in personality and culture of churches, developing a country-specific fundraising strategy, as well as the true meaning of partnerships.

As TWR’s mission is to assist the church in fulfilling the Great Commission, partnerships with churches and other Christian organizations are a mainstay in any TWR project. The work of TWR is not done in isolation from the local church, and the five-day coaching program helped reinforce this to the participants who welcomed and embraced the program.

“The program was informative and was able to change negative perceptions on fundraising,” said John Hallig, Track Leader of Church Leadership Development (TWR-Philippines).

For more information from TWR-Asia’s website, click here.