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According to Operation World (2010 edition), Pakistan lies at the very heart of the unevangelized world. It is the world's second-largest concentration of unengaged, unevangelized peoples. Few countries, if any, present a greater challenge for missions.

Afghanistan is one of the least-reached countries in the world. There are 48,000 places of worship but not a single church building where the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.

There is more religious freedom in North India than in Pakistan or Afghanistan, but it is still a very difficult area.

Agencies are not able to send many missionaries into this region of the world that we call the PANI region (which stands for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North India). That is where radio becomes so effective. TWR is able to broadcast programs into these countries in the people's own “heart” languages, which is why we are undertaking an amazing new phase of our work in this part of the world.

TWR has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to vastly increase our ministry to this region with a new medium-wave transmitter that will enable us to speak the hope of Jesus to millions in Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India. The coverage provided by this installation will be tremendous, an area as large as two-thirds of the United States with a population of almost a quarter-billion people! In an area of the world where shortwave radios are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, medium-wave broadcasts are vitally important to reaching those who have almost no opportunity to hear the Good News by any other means.

The broadcast license for the new station (in an unidentified Asian country) was granted in May 2012, and already about 76 percent of the funding for this endeavor has come in. Construction is projected to be completed by the end of 2012, depending on weather and working conditions.

“Pani” is also a Hindi word that means "water," which describes very well what TWR wants to do: bring the living water of God's Word to an area that is spiritually parched. Will you help us share Christ with millions in Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India?