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Imagine a one-stop location where people can access an extensive catalog of biblical teaching and inspirational messages in their own languages – anytime and anywhere – all for free.

This is now possible with TWR360 (, a robust online tool produced by TWR. TWR360 is the world’s premier online tool for accessing Christian media resources in the user’s heart language – leading people from doubt to decision to discipleship. When a user connects to the site via computer or mobile device, TWR360 automatically detects the user’s language and displays all partner-generated content currently available in that language.

TWR360 supports the mission of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission by enabling people to access a wide range of Christian digital resources. Ministries that use TWR360 will expand their communication range by dismantling language barriers, thereby allowing people everywhere to build their faith. TWR360 speaks hope to the world through a single, multilingual Web portal.

The site is able to deliver audio, video and text-based resources with a wide variety of content, including preaching, Bible teaching, and materials for children and women. Initial ministry partners include Thru the Bible, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, FamilyLife Today, Craig Church Ministries, Keep Believing Ministries and TWR’s Project Hannah ministry for women.

“This is TWR’s new digital delivery platform that can touch the whole world in each user’s heart language,” says TWR President Lauren Libby. “We’re really excited about this dynamic new tool and look forward to people using it to access God’s Word anywhere at any time. 

The site is now available online in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian. Plans call for 12 additional languages to be added within the next year.  

For more details, visit