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As people increasingly switch to mobile devices rather than desktop computers to connect to the internet, TWR is responding with a second-generation app providing quick access to Christian media content.

The updated TWR360 2.0 app breaks new ground for its user interface, multilingual integration and content delivery from 150 ministries in 47 languages. The app is available free at or in Apple’s iTunes Store for iOS and in the Google Play Store for Android.

Extensive research was done to gear the new app to the habits of mobile users, enhancing the user experience with custom builds for Android and Apple devices and extra options for personalization.

“This new app version goes beyond being a mirror of the TWR360 website,” says Ralf Stores, who oversees the web portal as TWR director of U.S. Media Development and Services. “It was a complete overhaul of the app. Functionwise, the look, how people can engage with the content – all that has dramatically changed.”

TWR360 users are able to listen to or download practical content on themes such as finances, relationships, faith, Christian living and more. The upgraded app provides an improved user interface that is more intuitive and easier to navigate to help users find the specific content that interests them.

TWR360 provides audio, video and text-based resources with a wide variety of content, including preaching, Bible teaching, and materials for children and women. Featured ministries include Thru the Bible, Grace to You, FamilyLife Today, Heralds of Hope, Leading the Way, Love Worth Finding, Radical, The Alternative With Dr. Tony Evans, TWR’s Women of Hope and dozens more.

Among the highlights of the TWR360 2.0 app are:

  • Easy access to abundant free, high-quality biblical media content from 150 ministries.
  • Advanced language functions and seamless switching from one language to another.
  • Faster content loading, transition time, and access to music and radio sections.
  • Extra customized account settings for a more personal user experience.
  • Optimized media players for smoother playback and streaming.
  • High-definition-quality videos with Chromecast.
  • Vivid colors and eye-catching images.

The app is available in many of the world’s major languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and English.