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What better time could there be for reminding ourselves of the important work done by TWR Women of Hope than on International Women’s Day?

Today, March 8, 2019, marks 44 years since the United Nations officially embraced International Women’s Day, the purpose of the event now described as “celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.” It’s a purpose that harmonizes with much of the work done by TWR Women of Hope, which urges action on and awareness about challenges affecting women globally, provides valuable information about health and life issues, and encourages leadership development.

And the ministry goes further, taking an even bigger interest in women’s ultimate well-being by helping them to learn God’s plans for their lives as revealed in the Bible and prayer.     

“We want women to feel that they are valued, that they have a voice and that they can contribute in every aspect of society,” says Peggy Banks, global director of TWR Women of Hope.

In an interview with Banks, Mission Network News features the TWR-sponsored ministry today. There, Banks discusses International Women’s Day and some of the ways in which this year’s theme, “a balanced world is a better world,” jibes with the biblically grounded messages of TWR Women of Hope.

In its 22nd year, the ministry has tens of thousands of prayer intercessors in 125 countries. Its flagship radio program, Women of Hope, is available in more than 70 languages and is broadcast over TWR’s global network and many local radio outlets.

Read and listen to MNN’s report on TWR Women of Hope and International Women’s Day here, and learn more about the ministry, along with how you can get involved, on its website.