Whether you call it a digital warehouse for the Kingdom, a tool for leveraging Christian media content or simply a game changer, LinguaDMS (LDMS) is all about revolutionizing the way ministries deliver their message to a global audience.

Global Christian media ministry TWR (www.twr.org) introduced www.linguadms.com (the DMS stands for “digital media source”) to potential users at the National Religious Broadcasters 2012 Convention and Exposition in Nashville, Tenn., in February. The cloud-based system is aimed at providing TWR partners and other ministries with a cost-effective tool for managing, archiving, repurposing and enabling distribution of digital files, including videos, audio, images or text. Content can be stored, called up, and readied for presentation in formats compatible with any of the communication technologies already in use around the world – from websites and smartphones to Internet radio and terrestrial broadcast outlets – and new devices can be added to the mix as they are developed.

“LinguaDMS will allow us to provide other ministries with the technology and means to get their message out through multiple platforms,” said Ralf Stores, TWR’s U.S. director of media development and services. “It truly is a game changer as it enables us to become media strategists, assisting ministries in fulfilling their vision for international outreach. We’ll be able to enable ministries to connect the world to their content.”

More formally described as a customizable digital-asset-management solution, LDMS grew out of a desire to mine TWR’s vast store of media content – nearly 60 years of Christian broadcasts in more than 200 languages. Although TWR has increasingly broadened its outreach to incorporate the Internet in recent years, LDMS also enables TWR to assist other ministries with their digital asset management and in delivering their content to multiple media platforms. 

TWR president Lauren Libby said, "When coupled with the 3.9 billion people TWR potentially reaches by broadcast, LinguaDMS can touch the globe efficiently and effectively. It’s a Kingdom tool that can be used to deliver content anywhere on planet earth to specific audiences. We can virtually speak to the world about Jesus."

No special software or hardware is required for a church, mission organization or other ministry to become a partner and begin using the LDMS “digital warehouse,” as Libby calls it. The system is easily accessible on a standard browser, and subscribing partners can upload their own content for later retrieval, preparation and delivery to audiences around the world. 

LDMS is hosted in a world-class data center equipped with sophisticated systems to ensure security and optimal uptime for the data. 

For more information about LinguaDMS, visit the site or contact Ralf Stores at [email protected] or 1-800-4567-TWR.