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A glance at the website reveals that Downline Ministries has been reaching out from its Memphis, Tennessee, training hub to teach discipleship across the country and even abroad. Now Downline is teaming with TWR to significantly extend that reach, making its unique Builder tool available in Spanish.

Downline Ministries is working with The A Group, a Brentwood, Tennessee, marketing firm, to revamp its Downline Builder website. The Builder is described as an interactive tool that enables the user to create a “customized discipleship curriculum for one-on-one relationships or small groups.”

In conjunction with the Builder overhaul, TWR, a 60-year-old broadcaster that now delivers content in a variety of media and more than 230 languages, will be translating Downline’s discipleship lessons into Spanish. Chris Johnson, TWR’s U.S. media development and services manager, said TWR also will be translating some of Downline’s training videos into Spanish.

Jason Seville, director of curriculum and developer of the Builder, said Downline team members serving in partnerships with hundreds of churches in the U.S. and around the world have frequently heard concerns raised about discipleship being a particular area of weakness.

“Christian leaders with whom we meet usually tell us that their people either don't feel competent to disciple someone on their own or they have the courage to do it but don't know where to start,” Seville said. “This is why we want to get the Downline Builder into as many languages as possible! We think it's a great tool to empower and equip disciple-makers worldwide!" 

Johnson said the first results of the collaboration are expected to be publicly available on the Downline Builder site by midspring 2013. He added that he is even more excited about what this initial effort indicates for the future.

“This is the first step in what we all believe should be a long-standing ministry relationship,” he said. “Doing this in Spanish, we are laying the groundwork for taking the Downline Ministries curriculum into multiple languages in the near future, meaning the process of making disciples will be that much easier all around the world.”