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TWR and Jesus Film Project, a ministry of Cru, are collaborating this Christmas to give billions of people the opportunity to hear an audio version of one of the most-watched movies of all time.

The JESUS film has been called “the most effective evangelistic tool ever invented” and has been adapted in 60- and 90-minute versions for listening audiences. TWR is mobilizing its global network of radio and digital resources to broadcast and stream The Story of Jesus in 51 languages during December 2017.

“Our goal is to share the story of Jesus with 1.3 billion people worldwide, and TWR is an important and strategic partner with us in helping to meet that goal,” said Tom Terry, a representative of Jesus Film Project.

TWR is cooperating with Cru, the U.S. ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, to broadcast The Story of Jesus over more than 300 radio transmitters to 100-plus countries. With great attention to historical detail, Cru produced the original JESUS film in 1979 and, through its Jesus Film Project, has translated the movie into over 1,500 languages. Nearly a half-billion people have reportedly accepted Christ through engagement with the film.

TWR CEO Lauren Libby said, “Cru and TWR have visions to reach the world for Christ. Cru has a tremendous ability to talk about who Jesus is, and TWR has a tremendous ability to deliver that message. It’s an honor to co-labor with Cru and have such a major impact, especially with the JESUS film audio project.”

The Story of Jesus, the English version of which features resonant British-accented narration, will soon begin streaming in 46 languages on, where the full video has been a popular feature for some time. One TWR360 visitor wrote that the JESUS video “is the best program to help with living in this world today,” while another called it “very moving” and added that it “fills my heart with joy.”

The languages making up the broadcasts will bring the gospel story to people across much of the world, from Arabic in the Middle East to Spanish in Cuba and to Mandarin in China, Hindi in India and Swahili in Kenya. Millions of others will have the opportunity to listen in the national languages of Russia, North and South Korea, and many other countries.   

To sample the audio drama or enjoy the whole production in English or one of hundreds of other languages, visit