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Faith Comes By Hearing and TWR representatives focus on an instrument panel during the June 2016 filecast testing at TWR facilities on Guam.

Global media ministry TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) made broadcast history last week when it transmitted a digital data file over shortwave from Guam to Thailand. This communication exchange paves the way for simultaneous delivery of audio and other media formats through the airwaves.

The digital file was sent using a 250,000-watt Thomson shortwave transmitter located at TWR’s station on the island of Guam and picked up by a receiver in Thailand. This marked the first time a filecast had successfully been transmitted over a 3,000-mile distance.

The transmission was achieved in partnership with Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), which provided its media-rich mobile app for the filecast. The app contains the dramatized audio Bible, the JESUS film and more. It is part of FCBH’s Global Bible Network initiative, which uses mobile devices, satellites and language recognition to deliver God’s Word across the globe.

“The missiological implications are significant,” says TWR global leadership executive Steve Shantz, who was present on Guam for the transmission along with representatives of FCBH and TWR engineers. “The end goal is to install the Faith Comes By Hearing Bible is mobile-phone application and the dramatized audio Bible, which is available today in over 1,000 languages, onto mobile devices globally. The Guam transmission proved that TWR and FCBH have the technology to transmit these files over long distance into a network that can install the Bible onto mobile phones in the language of the user.”

Troy Carl, the FCBH vice president who oversees the Global Bible Network, says, “This is a prime example of kingdom partners working together, each bringing their talents and expertise together in a perfect mesh so God’s Word can be heard by all. It is a historic step toward covering the earth with the gospel.”

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