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Endeavoring to provide even more ways to access its robust TWR360 multilingual media resources portal, TWR has released a new app for Android and Apple devices. TWR teamed with The A Group, a Nashville-based marketing and technology firm, to develop the practical resource. It is available free at or via Google Play and Apple App stores.

Users of the app will be able to listen to or download content and read corresponding transcripts. A topical search function allows individuals to consider themes like hardship and suffering, finances, sexual purity, marriage, faith and much more.  

TWR360 is able to deliver audio, video and text-based resources with a wide variety of content, including preaching, Bible teaching, and materials for children and women. Featured ministries include Thru the Bible, FamilyLife Today, Heralds of Hope, Leading the Way, Love Worth Finding, Radical, TWR’s Women of Hope and more than two dozen others.

“The TWR360 mobile app gives people even quicker entry to our digital delivery platform in their own heart language,” said TWR President Lauren Libby. “We’re excited about individuals around the world having access to solid spiritual resources at the touch of a button.”

The app is currently offered in Arabic, English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish. Additional languages will be added soon.