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TWR-Africa recently received this listener letter sent from central Mozambique. There are a total of almost ten million Chewa people worldwide. Most of them live in Malawi and we are reaching many of them with the gospel through TWR’s Malawi FM network. Many, however, live in Mozambique and are envious of these broadcasts!

This listener is one of them:

“I am a 47-year old Christian man and a leader of a Baptist Church in a city in central Mozambique. I am writing this letter to let you know that I became a Christian through TWR…

I am from the Chewa tribe of Mozambique and I would like to request that you establish an FM broadcast in one of the districts in the north of Tete province, in order to proclaim the good news to my fellow Chewa’s  who are lost in darkness…

There is Chichewa preaching on TWR FM in Blantyre, Malawi, but it does not reach all the Chewa’s in Mozambique, and there is an urgent need to establish a radio station among that tribe. Once established, the broadcast would not reach Chewa’s only, but also Nyungwe’s and Nsenga’s.

I would like to stand and advocate for Chewa’s in Mozambique to TWR.”

TWR-Mozambique has this letter and will respond to it accordingly. The need out there is massive. Currently TWR-Mozambique is focusing its FM strategy on Mocuba and Maputo, but the good news is that Chichewa programs can be heard over shortwave in Tete in the morning and evening.

Please pray for the Chewa’s and this pastor. Learn more from TWR-Africa's site