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We recently received this report from a coworker in Asia:

“Our Sister from Kyrgyzstan is a gifted musician and singer. She just returned from some time in China and, full of excitement, shared the experiences she had while being there.

She had been invited to China by Kyrgyz people living in that country. The event was held in the mountains and people came together from various villages and regions to participate in this concert. An elderly man spoke to her at the end of the concert. He said that he knew the songs that she had performed. She asked him where he had heard them and his reply was: ‘I heard them on the radio programs from TWR.’ He shared how he accepted Christ as his Savior as a direct result of the programs and that he listens to them faithfully. He also tells other people about the radio programs. He was concerned about how to tell his son studying in Peking about Jesus Christ. As it turned out, the son had heard about Christ at the same time as his father. Fellow students at the university witnessed to him and he became a Christian, but he was not sure how to tell his father about his decision. When the son returned home, the father began to speak to him about Jesus. They were filled with unimaginable joy to realize that they both had found faith in Jesus Christ.”

Please rejoice with us for the amazing way that God is working in the lives of the Kyrgyz-speaking people. Please also remember to pray for these people – that God will use the radio programs to call the lost to him and also help his children to grow in their spiritual walk.