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Rami was a young, non-Christian Yemeni, who had been a victim of harsh social, economic and spiritual circumstances. At 24, he married the girl he loved deeply, but only few hours after the wedding he discovered that her cousin had raped her when she was still young, and that he had even married her older sister. It was definitely not the family Rami had dreamed of. After countless conflicts, he divorced her.

He fell in love again a few years later, but it seemed that love was not destined for him. Because of his poor economic conditions, the girl’s family would not accept him.

During these difficult circumstances, Rami began listening to the TWR Arabic broadcasts. He heard about God’s love and provision, and how his mighty hand that heals the broken hearts and wounds. He began to correspond with TWR’s Arabic follow-up staff, asking for financial help. We replied that it is not possible but we encouraged him to seek God who gives abundantly in his own time and ways.

Rami, who was still struggling with the “God of Christians,” and wasn’t sure whether Jesus is the Son of God or not, heard about Jesus through a TWR broadcast. He decided to pray to him and ask for a miracle, so he prayed: “Dear Jesus, if you are the Son of God, and if you love me and died for me, I need you now to help me.”

Later, Rami told us that on the very same day, he heard a knock on his door. It was one of his relatives who brought him some money as a gift. There was no reason behind this gift, but he was certain that it was Jesus who made it happen! From that day onwards, Rami’s life changed forever. He now believes in the Almighty God and has accepted Christ as his Savior. Now he wants to help others meet the Lord as well. He used to struggle with the heavy waves of despair, mistrust, hatred and revenge, but now he is on the safe and peaceful shore where love and forgiveness abide.

This is what radio can do in such closed counties as in the Arab World. It can proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and penetrate to the hardest places and to the most hurting souls to redeem, restore  and recreate a new person!