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Recent protests in Egypt such as this one led to the ouster of the nation's president. (Photo by Lilian Wagdy)

The news coming out of Egypt is mixed: A largely peaceful, apparently democratic uprising successfully challenges an autocratic ruler, but it does so amid deep divisions and severe economic problems.

At the same time, TWR is concentrating on sending Good News into the ancient nation as it struggles to decide its social and political future. Bible-based content including text and several hours of audio programming weekly is made available to Egyptians on radio, Internet and smartphones in Arabic, Egyptian Arabic and other languages and dialects.  

President Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who rose to office after the so-called Arab Spring of 2011, was pushed from office July 3, 2013, by the Egyptian military following a new round of popular protests. Ramez Attalah, the general director of the Bible Society of Egypt, participated in the demonstrations and told Assist News Service that despite some violence, the crowds were in an enthusiastic, festive mood.

"Pray for the wounded and families of those killed, (and) pray that the unprecedented unity expressed between all Egyptians who reject the forceful imposition of [religious rule] will result in a new Egypt where people with different persuasions can live alongside one another in harmony,” Assist quoted Attalah as saying.

TWR’s Arabic Ministries continues seeking ways to reach out to Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Internet radio programming is available at, and an application for iPhones and iPads can be downloaded at Also, the flagship program of the Project Hannah global women’s ministry, You Have Hope (Women of Hope in English), is broadcast in Arabic and available online at

Additional Arabic programming produced by multiple ministries is now available on the state-of-the-art Web portal TWR360.