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Listeners of Star 93.3 FM have the opportunity to help nurture fledgling house churches in China through an all-day radiothon that teams TWR with the Cincinnati station.

TWR staff members are answering the telephones Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014, while ministry president Lauren Libby and radio station partnership director John Summerville talk on the air with 93.3 announcers to tell listeners about the China Radio Church Kit program. More than 114,000 of the kits, containing a radio, study materials and Bible, have been distributed to help provide scriptural knowledge and teaching to the growing number of small churches that have leaders with little or no training.

TWR hopes to distribute at least 2,300 of the kits in 2014. Each kit costs $85, so the ministry wants to raise $200,000 for the project.

One recipient of a kit wrote, “In recent years, our church has been growing very fast and the numbers of believers grew. However, some of the brothers and sisters cannot attend our meetings. With your Radio Church Kits, they can listen to your programs at home and receive spiritual nourishment.”

In addition to attracting more help for believers in China, TWR sees radiothons such as this one as a way of supporting the mission of Christian stations. Star 93.3 describes its mission as “connect[ing] with the hearts of radio listeners in the Tri-state area and invit[ing] them into the greater story of God through the most compelling programs and engaging Christian music of our target audience.”

Star 93.3 listeners are being asked to call 800-456-7897 to make their donations to the Radio Church Kit outreach. You can also give online.