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This heartfelt letter comes from a woman in the Persian-speaking world.

Dear TWR,

Thanks for your very good programs. I really like them. I listen to them regularly and I became a believer some months ago through your programs. I am a doctor. My husband [of another religion] divorced me, so now I have to live in another city. My only son would like to live with me, but my ex-husband doesn’t allow it. Please pray for the court decision about it, although I don’t have much hope for my request being accepted in the court. My son and I cannot be together because we live in a country where there is no justice and rights for women and the law doesn’t support a person like me. Only your programs give me hope, comfort and peace. Please pray for me. I lost everything in my life, but, through you, I found faith in Christ and ask him to help me and save me from this hard life.

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