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As the nation of Cambodia grieves the loss of more than 330 people who died during a stampede in the capital city of Phnom Penh last week, TWR staff members there are offering help and hope amid the devastation.

“TWR’s team has been actively involved since the first day by calling for Christian communities to act in response to the victims’ needs,” says Veasna Uk, TWR-Cambodia’s ministry team leader. “We initiated a relief package (called ‘Jesus Loves You’) to provide for the immediate needs of the victims.”

Uk says TWR-Cambodia exhorted individuals, churches, nongovernmental organizations, missions and Christian businesses to join together in providing for the vast needs. “As a result, we came up with 100 packages to provide to two of the hospitals that provide the care to the victims.” To date, 91 packages have been distributed.

Each relief package contains a good quantity of noodles and canned fish, as well as practical items such as a towel, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and $10 cash. A pocket Bible and an MP3 player that contains TWR’s spiritual programming are also included.

Famed as a nation devastated by the communist Khmer Rouge and the “killing fields” of the 1970s, Cambodia is now a place open to the good news of Jesus Christ. For more than 10 years, TWR has been enabling people in Cambodia to hear messages of God’s hope and peace, but the country still struggles to meet the basic needs of its people. Deep psychological scars remain, and many suffer from stress-related disorders.

To learn more about TWR’s ministry in Cambodia, click here.