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TWR-Africa staff member Lebo Pooe has been selected to receive a full four-year scholarship to study at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. TWR’s Lebo has been a live radio presenter for TWR-Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the last four years. Prior to her arrival last week in Cary, North Carolina, she had been in Burundi as the on-the-air voice for TWR-Africa at the recent Andrew Palau Love Burundi Festival. This is her first visit to the United States, and it’s a momentous occasion for her and for us as her TWR teammates. For her, it’s an answer to prayer and a dream fulfilled.

“Here I am…about to start the greatest journey of my life,” Lebo said joyfully. “I’m going to study at a really prestigious school. In my own capacity; in my own abilities, I could have never done it. Because Jesus is who he is; because he is the God of second chances; because his grace is more than anything else; here I am sharing what he has done and how he’s protected me and he’s been so gracious toward me.”

After Lebo graduates from Moody, she plans to continue serving with TWR in South-Africa.

Read Lebo’s full testimony on the Judyblog.