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With the rise of global terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, the eyes of the world have been increasingly drawn to a little noticed land bridge known as the Caucasus, which connects Europe to Asia and is situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. This complex region, home to more than 50 larger ethno-linguistic groups and many other smaller isolated dialects, stands as one of the greatest challenges to global missions in our day. As TWR seeks to bring the hope of Christ to multitudes that have yet to hear His message, we are focusing an increasing part of our programming on the needs of women in the Caucasus region. Carol Hawkins of TWR Europe recently compiled the following comments about this very strategic initiative:

In the Caucasus region, the majority religion allows for a male-dominated society where women are treated as second-class citizens. Often deprived of education, many women are forced to marry early. ”Honor crimes” against women are a sad reality.

In some countries in this region, a woman is considered to be the property of her husband. Women do not have the same rights as men and are unfairly punished for crimes because of their gender. n other countries, which may be rapidly developing secular societies, legally speaking, women are equal to men, but because of their culture and religion, the society is male-dominated. In cities, some women receive higher education and hold positions such as doctors or lawyers. However, in their own homes, they are not treated as equal. Many women are abused and misused by their husbands.

In September, TWR launched three new radio programs for women in this region and the surrounding area. Security is an issue for the Christian women who created and voiced the scripts. They are all native speakers living in these countries. Behind each program are countless hours of prayer, coordination and ongoing recording work.

The aims of these programs are:

  • To reach women regardless of their background, with the message of Jesus’ love, hope, encouragement, salvation, friendship and healing.
  • To communicate the truth that they are valued by God.
  • To highlight the significant role that the Bible plays in all aspects of a woman’s life.
  • To give women a platform, through media, to express their thoughts, concerns and questions in order to receive feedback and, eventually, help.
  • To show women that God has given them a special and precious status in their community.
  • To mobilize women and build their capacity to influence their communities and to act as agents of change in society.

Please pray for TWR’s media outreach to the women of the Caucasus region, and may God bless you as you partner with us in bringing hope to these precious mothers and daughters whom God longs to comfort with His truth.

Further notes:

  • For additional reading on ministry in the Caucasus region, click on this link ( to see a colorful and very informative brochure on the subject that was recently produced by TWR Europe.
  • A major spiritual breakthrough occurred recently when the entire Bible was published in the Chechen language, a historical first that will bring God’s Word to this people group, which has been strongly influenced by radical Wahhabi Islam.

(Map from Peter Fitzgerald,