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TWR has announced that RiverCross, an integrated ministry reaching out to vulnerable children, will be launched as an independent ministry Oct. 1, 2019.


Leaders of TWR and RiverCross believe that operating independently will enable each ministry to remain committed to gospel-driven outreach while more precisely pursuing its distinctive strategy. They also believe the five-year integration with TWR has positioned RiverCross to grow and continue its trauma-healing ministry as a free-standing organization.


“We will always be grateful for the years RiverCross spent with TWR, and we look forward to what God has in store for both ministries moving forward,” said Cindy Finley, executive director of RiverCross.


Since RiverCross joined the TWR family of ministries, more than 300 caregivers and directors have been trained and over 5,000 children have benefited from its mission. In addition, the ministry has established a solid presence in Zambia, Africa, including the hiring of a national coordinator.


RiverCross has produced story-centric audio dramas Holding Esther and Jabota Bridge designed to address traumatic experiences and share Christ. These programs help vulnerable children embrace healing and hope so they can experience the fullness of life in Jesus.


Finley said she appreciates the way TWR has nurtured and guided RiverCross over the years, and shared that the ministry has benefited from TWR’s leadership and media expertise.


TWR President Lauren Libby said, “We at TWR wish the very best for our brothers and sisters with RiverCross as they embark on this new chapter. We ask the Lord to bless their efforts to bring the healing touch of Jesus to these precious wounded lives.”



RiverCross FAQs


Why is RiverCross becoming an independent ministry?


Launching as a stand-alone ministry will enable RiverCross to focus on its mission to bring healing and hope to the world’s vulnerable children through the power of story.


What is the effective date of RiverCross becoming an independent ministry?


Oct. 1, 2019.


Will RiverCross still occupy space within TWR’s Cary, North Carolina, office?


No. Executive Director Cindy Finley along with support staff and volunteers will operate the RiverCross ministry outside TWR’s office beginning Oct. 1, 2019.


Will the members of RiverCross’ board of directors change?


Yes. RiverCross will have an independent governing board that participates in resource development; works with the executive director to refine and safeguard the ministry’s mission, vision and values; and establishes strategic objectives.


If I am a financial supporter of RIverCross, how can I ensure my giving continues without interruption?


RiverCross is grateful for its supporters and will be sending you specific instructions so that you can easily continue your support. If donations for RiverCross are sent to TWR between October 1 and December 30, TWR will pass them on to RiverCross. If you wish to send a check, please make it payable to RiverCross and mail it to P.O. Box 91301, Raleigh, NC 27675. You may also contribute online here! Donations are tax deductible.

What is the best way to contact RiverCross beginning Oct. 1?


Visit the RiverCross website at or send correspondence to P.O. Box 91301, Raleigh, NC 27675.



Photo by Annie Spratt