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Duke University Chapel’s beloved annual presentation of Handel’s Messiah is going international this year in a broadcast and live-stream collaboration with TWR.

The first two of the Duke Chapel Choir’s three performances Dec. 5-7 will be broadcast and audio-streamed live on five continents. TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) is making the live audio feed of the concert available to its huge network of national partners and contracted media outlets.

“Transmitting a live, multinational concert of this kind represents the perfect opportunity to commemorate our organization’s 60th anniversary while offering praise to God and a special gift to its diverse audience of listeners,” said Lauren Libby, president and CEO of TWR.

David Hartman, the original host of ABC’s Good Morning America and current host of North Carolina Symphony radio broadcasts, will preside during prerecorded segments rounding out the 2¾-hour broadcast with interesting commentary about the composer, the performers and related subjects. The commentary will be translated for international audiences.

Instructions for listening to the concert are available at The broadcast begins Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. EST (midnight Dec. 6 Greenwich Mean Time) and then on Dec. 6 at 1:30 p.m. EST (18:30 GMT). 

George Frideric Handel composed Messiah in 1741, and its stature has continued to grow since debuting the following year in Dublin. The three-part oratorio has become a beloved fixture of the Christmas season, with frequent performances even in non-Western settings as varied as Japan, Kenya and China.  

 “In his Messiah, Handel creates musical settings of Old and New Testament scripture to present the drama of Jesus’ saving role in the world,” said Rodney Wynkoop, director of chapel music and conductor of the Duke Chapel Choir. “TWR is giving us the opportunity to present this compelling composition to an international audience.”

Among the international outlets already planning to broadcast and stream the concert on the Internet are ones in the Philippines, Spain, Uruguay, and eastern and southern Africa. Others may be added prior to the concert date. Outlets in the United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States will only live-stream the event.