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This letter recently came to us from a listener on the Serbian-Bulgarian border.

I am almost 45 years old and live on the Serbian-Bulgarian border. I listen to programs in both the Serbian and Bulgarian languages. I live in a forest, in a house without electricity and with a well in front, taking care of two cows and cutting wood.  I have read the Bible for about 15 years now – ever since I found it by accident.
Every weekend for the last 10 years, I have walked to the nearest church, nine miles each way. It is fine in the summer because I can do one part by bike, but when it rains and snows I have to walk that distance. Until the snow is 15 inches high, I can walk without problems, but when it is higher, I cannot go to town. I listen to you on a small battery radio that I bought in Bulgaria 15 years ago.
I am lonely, but I know that God is always with me. I was okay until my mother passed away, but now I feel lonely since it is hard to find a woman who would be willing to move here.  In the late evening, the Thru the Bible teaching with Dr. McGee and other TWR programs are my only companions. I follow along with the Bible, reading with a lantern. The programs help me to be in contact with other believers since, with the exception of church each week, I cannot go far from home and leave the cows alone. Your radio program is a light for me during the long, dark nights.