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“The Interns” is a video blog (vlog) featuring the summer adventures of the two social media interns at TWR’s Cary, NC, office. Collectively, Bethany Kay, a rising senior at Moody Bible Institute and California native, and Gustaf Lunnergard of Sweden will give people a fresh, inside look at what’s going on behind the scenes of their internships and the in the office. They're also going to highlight various TWR projects and feature other people in the office. 
“The video blog is a fun, new way to see into the lives of TWR interns,” says Bethany, 20. “Viewers will watch as Gustaf and I learn our way around Cary, NC, are exposed to the inner-workings of TWR, and see Gustaf discovering America for the first time!”

Three to four vlog posts will be rolled out each week and will be 3-5 minutes each. TWR friends are encouraged to subscribe to the RSS feed and follow these two eager, young interns this summer.
Check out the vlog now!