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Radio and pastoral veteran Lemuel Larrosa was described as a role model and faithful servant of Christ as he received the National Religious Broadcasters International Individual Achievement Award on March 5.

The award was presented to Larrosa, who lives in Uruguay and serves as international director of Hispanic ministries for TWR, at the International Keynote Session of the NRB 2013 Convention & Exposition in Nashville, Tenn.

The NRB International Individual Achievement Award is presented each year to a non-U.S. resident or citizen who demonstrates a strong personal commitment to proclaiming Christ through electronic media, working with integrity and faithfulness to influence a culture for Christ. A panel of judges named Larrosa as the winner of this year’s award.

“Lemuel has been a faithful servant of Christ, with nearly five decades of service in radio and pastoral ministry,” said NRB President and CEO Frank Wright. “Furthermore, the leadership he has demonstrated over the years has been instrumental to the growth and development of so many people and organizations. His exemplary work and devotion is to be commended.”

Larrosa has been actively involved in radio as a presenter, producer and speaker for 46 years – 36 of those with TWR. In his Hispanic Ministries leadership role, Larrosa oversees, encourages and counsels staff and volunteers at partner offices in 12 countries throughout Latin America.

TWR President and CEO Lauren Libby said, “Lemuel is widely recognized and respected throughout Latin America for his outstanding character and his commitment to church and media ministry. He is a tremendous role model, and he has a huge heart for the people to whom he ministers.”

When it comes to on-air endeavors, Larrosa has served as the widely recognized host and presenter of A Través de la Biblia (Thru the Bible in Spanish) for the past nine years. He has also been a speaker on several other programs aired in Spanish by TWR, including the international broadcast Dr. Luke, as well as on several programs aired locally in Uruguay.

Larrosa founded Radio Trans Mundial Uruguay in 1981 and served as its national director for nearly 20 years. He previously served as president of CEBU (the Baptist Convention of Uruguay) and as a representative of CEBU on the board of publisher Casa Bautista de Publicaciones, El Paso, Texas.

A co-founder and board member of the Christian Association of Evangelical Churches of Uruguay, Larrosa has served in pastoral ministry for 45 years – the past 35 as lead pastor of First Baptist Church of Uruguay. He has also been actively involved in coordinating evangelistic crusades in Uruguay for Paul Finkenbinder (known as Hermano Pablo), Luis Palau and Billy Graham’s Mission World campaign.