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Responding to the aftermath of a devastating cyclone that wreaked havoc on India earlier this week, TWR’s partner ministry on the subcontinent hopes to distribute radios and include special prayer announcements in its radio programs.

“We are working to include special prayer on the Oriya and Telugu language programs on medium wave (AM),” wrote a TWR India representative by email. “We are also discussing whether radios can be distributed to current listeners who have lost all their belongings, as well as taking this opportunity to get new listeners.”

Thousands of Christian believers are among the approximately 1 million people currently in relief camps, according to Gospel for Asia. At least 800,000 homes were destroyed or severely damaged.  

Established in 1977, TWR India airs Christian programs in more than 60 languages from various shortwave, AM and FM stations. The ministry receives an average of 20,000 listener responses each month.

Photo (from ADRA India) at top: Residents survey the damage in their town Sunday, Oct. 13, after it was struck by Cyclone Phailin.