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This stirring letter comes from a listener in India.

Born into the household of another major religion, I was raised in bondage and fear that was fueled by superstition and mythological beliefs. According to Indian custom, I was involved in an arranged marriage against my will.

I met a genuine follower of Jesus Christ who encouraged me to listen to TWR. Eventually I had the conviction that Jesus Christ died for my sins. The fear of my family and community made me believe in secret, but one day after a sermon on TWR I had the boldness of the Lord to confess my faith to my family.

This was the beginning of my persecution. The Word of God was torn away from me and on one occasion my Bible was even burnt. This led to my eventual escape from the house. My mother found me and asked me to come back. Now the same mother who forced me into marriage asked me to file for divorce.

I then closed the door on that chapter of my life and I began to see the Lord unfold His plan and purpose for me. As the Bible says, the Lord has not abandoned me but has called me according to His purpose. All praise, glory and honor to my Redeemer, the only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!