Last December, children from three Cambodian villages had a special Christmas.

A cell group from Bethesda Frankel Estate Church went on a week-long mission trip to Cambodia, and worked with TWR-Cambodia to bless about 850 children and 120 adults in villages at Kean Svay, Rohal and Me Chrey.

At each village, the children — who are all listeners of Happy Children’s Garden — were divided into groups, and the team assisted the TWR-Cambodia staff by being group “parents” during the ministry sessions. They joined in the games, and helped ensure that the children took part in the various activities organized.

Prior to the trip, the team also raised funds to bless each child with a gift pack and a special meal of Cambodian chicken rice. Each gift pack contained a pencil, notebook and other daily necessities.

“We were told that most of the children are undernourished, and usually do not have meat as it is quite costly,” said another team member. “We wanted to do something for them, and decided to bless each child with a meal of chicken and rice as a special treat. The cans of soda were a bonus!”

Charia You, TWR-Cambodia’s Children’s Ministry coordinator, said, “We are so blessed to have the cell group from Singapore visit us. We first talked about it in 2010, but only began seriously planning in June 2011. We communicated by email to plan the schedule and make arrangements between our team and the cell group in Singapore.”

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