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TWR is pleased to report that the estimated total in gifts and pledges for our strategic “Love Asia by Radio” Guam Transmitter Replacement project is around $665,000. The total remaining need for the project is approximately $25, 000.

“We praise the Lord for His goodness, and we are so thankful for this wonderful provision,” says TWR President Lauren Libby. “People around the United States and beyond have responded graciously and generously. God is doing great things on behalf of TWR.”

TWR teamed up with Moody Radio along with Northwestern College Radio and KCBI-FM in Dallas, Texas, for on-air campaigns earlier this month. Additionally, the project has been promoted on TWR’s website, through direct mail and on TWR’s Facebook and Twitter social media sites. Partner ministry TWR-Netherlands also participated in the fundraising process.

Since 1977, God has blessed the Asia region with lasting fruit because of TWR’s broadcasts from the island of Guam. Thirty-three years later, TWR-Guam is still utilizing the same four, 100-kilowatt shortwave transmitters. This equipment has far exceeded our expectations, but now we need to take immediate action to ensure that Asia continues to be adequately blanketed with the truth of the gospel. For more information about this vital project, visit