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Photo A: Pro-Russian demonstrators in Kharkiv, Ukraine (photo by Vizu); Photo B: Felix Widmer addresses TWR staff in Cary.

The cross-border confrontation involving Ukraine and Russia was very much on the mind of TWR Europe’s international director, who was in the United States over the weekend.

Felix Widmer was participating in a special gathering at TWR’s Cary, North Carolina, office and spoke with host Andy Napier of the radio feature Footsteps. Widmer said it was a “God-given decision” that TWR Ukraine had started developing a new program about reconciliation even before the crisis reached its current high pitch. Reconciliation is an important topic now and will continue to be once the crisis has subsided.

“Your friend who is a neighbor suddenly becomes an enemy. Imagine that,” Widmer told Napier.

You can hear Widmer’s remarks, including prayer needs specified by Ukrainians, on the player below. And if the Lord leads you to play a part in making Reconciliation for Ukraine a reality, learn more here