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TWR is collaborating with key missions-minded producers to generate Christian programming in Spanish for people in the United States. The U.S. Hispanic Ministry team has been developing three new programs that will speak hope to a variety of Spanish-speaking listeners.

Temas Vitales (Vital Topics) is a discussion-based program produced in Houston, Texas, by a noncommercial Christian radio station, that focuses on topics that affect Hispanic immigrants. “This is a one-hour program that helps people adjust to their new culture, and we plan to distribute to stations throughout the United States,” said U.S. Director of Hispanic Ministries Jim Munger. “We will help with postproduction, and this will allow us to do some cross-promoting of various TWR ministry endeavors.”  

A second program, Mas que Vencedores (More than Winners), is a weekly half-hour sports-oriented program produced in California by Walter Loyola, a Christian soccer player who played professionally in Argentina and Brazil. Munger explains, “This is a high-energy style program that highlights important spiritual lessons for sports-minded people.”

Finally, a third program, Restoradas (Restored), will be produced and hosted by María Burton (pictured above), a native of Venezuela. “Many Hispanic immigrant women don’t know or understand their role in Christ, so María will be addressing this in her program,” said Munger.

To connect with TWR’s Hispanic Ministry, visit