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Sopheak knows what it is like to feel isolated. Even though she lives with her parents and six siblings in Cambodia, she is the only Christian in her family. At times they ignore her. Other times they try to convince her not to attend church. Her isolation continues outside her home, as well, with many of her friends turning their backs on her. 

Every day Sopheak clings to the truth of the Word of God that she hears on TWR’s Women of Hope program. In Christ, she finds freedom to live her life in the light of hope instead of darkness. She knows that despite being alone in her family, she has an entire family of Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world.

The support Sopheak receives from the TWR’s Project Hannah team through prayer and correspondence helps her face the isolation she experiences because of her faith. In Sopheak’s words, “Praise to the Lord for everything that He has done for me.”

Will you join us in praying for Sopheak and those in similar situations around the world? Pray for TWR's ministry to people in dark and lonely places. God loves to work through the prayers of his people.