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Imagine a small, dim, windowless six-by-eight feet room with no air conditioning or ventilation. If not for the computer and some rudimentary recording equipment, it could be mistaken for a prison cell.

This room served as the former recording studio where TWR-Nepal staff produced programs that are aired over 25 FM stations. These programs are transforming the lives of countless people across the mountainous country.

The equipment was old, well-used and on the verge of being obsolete. There was no proper acoustic system or microphones. Production quality of the programs, while acceptable, was below the standards required by FM stations. The team in Nepal was doing its best with existing equipment and facilities, but they faced major challenges.

The plan to construct a new studio was born in May 2009, and a proposal was drafted for potential donors. With the bleak economic outlook at the time, it was uncertain if anyone would be interested in supporting the project. Yet God proved his faithfulness, and a church that was planted by TWR-Nepal donated a plot of land as a gift for the new studio. Additionally, God provided a donor who gave the amount that was needed for the entire project!

Construction began in March 2010, but the project was slowed down by complications like compulsory power outages, bad weather and unavailable building materials. On January 16, 2011, the new studio was inaugurated and dedicated to the Lord. A dedication service was held with staff of TWR-Nepal present, as well as listeners, members of nearby churches and other well-wishers.

Learn more about the dedication from TWR-Asia's site or the JudyBlog.

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