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Missionary Posts at Overseas Locations Must Be Filled

TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) has announced a critical need for skilled individuals to serve as missionaries in the Caribbean, in Africa and on the Pacific island of Guam.

The organization has short- and long-term service opportunities for the following positions: 

  • Antenna Rigger (Guam/Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands): Climbs towers and works on suspended rigging to accomplish maintenance activities on curtain antennas and screens.
  • Broadcast Engineer (Benin, West Africa): Uses RF experience and self-starter propensity to work within a developing-nation setting. French-language study required while on the field.
  • Content and Program Traffic Manager (Guam): Manages program scheduling, audio-file trafficking and ingestion to automated playout network for multiple radio stations and assists in programming hardware automation control systems at TWR's station on Guam.
  • Maintenance Technician (Bonaire): Handles maintenance of all types of physical plant as well as technical aspects of operating TWR broadcast facilities.
  • Station Manager (Swaziland, Southern Africa/Benin): Plans, directs and coordinates the operations of TWR’s Swaziland or Benin station. Duties and responsibilities include managing daily operations, planning the use of materials and managing personnel.
  • Teacher (Benin): Teach children, grades K-9, of TWR families using American home-school curriculum. Help with after-school enrichment classes and special events serving other English-speaking children as well.

These opportunities are missionary roles, and applicants must raise their own full financial support to cover salary and benefits.

“The Lord knows how badly we need qualified people to fill these critical roles,” says TWR Chief Personnel Officer Rick Weston. “We continue to pray to the Lord of the harvest to bring us workers for his harvest field to work with TWR.”

Individuals interested in exploring service opportunities can complete an online interest survey. For more information about additional service prospects at TWR’s locations around the world, visit