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TWR recently signed a new partnership with Radio Trans Mundial Colombia, a new legal entity that replaces the former partnership with Radio Nuevo Continente. RTM Colombia works closely with local radio stations all over the country.

"TWR has a tremendous opportunity to reach a diverse population in Colombia," says U.S. Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Jim Munger. "We are ministering to Christians who can't go to church because churches have been closed, non-Christians who are looking for meaning in life and to the guerilla forces there, as well as the armed forces who are trying to catch the guerillas."

Here's part of a listener letter that was received from an isolated area of Colombia, where there is constant war between the government and several guerrilla groups:

"I run a small store in town where the young guerrillas come to buy soda. They listen to the station and they comment among themselves about the beautiful music and the pleasant messages they hear. One of them commented the other day that at night he listens to the station because the music and messages bring him peace and tranquility.

"…Pray for these young men, that God would touch their hearts through the Word they listen to on the station, and that they would be saved from this pathway of war and death that they are trapped in. Many of them want to escape, but they are threatened with death if they try. The most important thing is that the station is preaching the gospel, and it reaches the guerrillas here in the mountains. Maybe God will cleanse their hearts and help them to leave this way of life."