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This encouraging story comes from a TWR listener in India:

Aman was born into a non-Christian family. All his life, he never bothered about spiritual matters, and even doubted the existence of God. He drank heavily and led a wayward life.

Because of this, poverty set in, and Aman could not provide for his family. His wife and children were unhappy about his behavior. Aman then decided to desert his family and left his village for a nearby town. To pass his time, he would listen to different programs on the radio.

Once, Aman was tuning his radio when he chanced upon one of TWR’s Tamil programs. As he was separated from his family, the program brought solace to his hurting soul. Aman began tuning in to the same program every day. Meanwhile, his thirst for God increased, so he started going to a nearby church. After some time, he confessed his faith in Jesus Christ. He was baptized, changed his name to Abraham, and moved to the city. He got in touch with his family, and even though they did not believe him when he told them of the change in his life, they came to live with him.

Because Abraham was blessed by the program, he wanted to share it with others as well. When he approached people around his residence, some said that they did not have a radio at home. He was sad that they would miss out on listening to the truth. Abraham bought four radios with his own money and gave them to his neighbors. They now listen to the program every week without fail.

Abraham plans to buy more radios and distribute them to those who need it. Whenever customers come to his shop, Abraham will share the gospel with them, and encourage them to listen to the program. He has even shared the program with the elders of his church, and they started listening regularly because of him.

Read more of Abraham's story from TWR-Asia's website.