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TWR is pleased to announce that the Mission will soon begin gospel broadcasts in the Chawi (Tachawit) dialect of the Berber language. Starting on December 10, the 15-minute Seek and You Will Find program will be aired every Saturday at 10:15 local time on AM/MW 1467 kHz from a 1-million-watt transmitting facility in Monte Carlo.

The Chawi people (also identified as Ichawiyen) are a Berber people group that lives mainly in Algeria, but they can also be found in Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara. The Chawi people live in the Aures Mountains but also in adjacent regions such as the plains of Belezma, the Chott region, and the high plains of Constantine in eastern Algeria. Due to their heritage, the Chawi also understand Arabic.

The total population of the Chawi people is approximately 4.5 million, which is the second largest Berber group after the Kabyle people who live in Algeria. The Chawi people depend on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood.

TWR also broadcasts gospel programs in other Berber dialects: Kabyle (4 hours weekly), Tamazight (30 min.), and Tarifit, Sous Tachelhit and Tamasheq (15 minutes each).