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Soon more people in China will receive radios, Bibles and Christian study materials, thanks to a successful multi-day on-air campaign this week between TWR and WAWZ-FM Star 99.1. Listeners in the New York City metropolitan area generously gave a reported $46,600 toward TWR’s China Radio Church Kit project, an initiative that has provided more than 100,000 kits since 1994.

TWR began its Radio Church Kit project to supplement broadcasts for China's house church leaders. Each kit contains a radio, so that leaders can listen to discipleship and training programs, as well as a Bible and other Christian literature. With these, church leaders can grow in solid biblical truth, empowering them to help disciple their congregations and spread the gospel throughout China.

“We are so thankful to Star 99 for giving us the time on the air and for having the forward vision to move beyond themselves and the United States to embrace missions,” said TWR President Lauren Libby. “The listeners really responded well to the idea of developing house churches and leaders in China.”

A Contemporary Christian Music format station, WAWZ-FM Star 99.1 has served listeners in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area for more than 80 years.

To discover more about TWR’s China Radio Church Kit project, click here