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March 26, 2012 – Pastors in China tend to be isolated and overstretched, so Dr. Ray Pritchard wants to give them a hand when his radio program, Keep Believing Ministries, debuts on the TWR airwaves Monday, March 26.

Chinese pastors are a key audience for the program, one element of a multimedia partnership between KBM, the Pritchard-led ministry based in Elmhurst, Ill., and TWR, the Christian media organization formerly known as Trans World Radio and operator of radio transmitters around the globe.  The one-hour program will air three times a week, feature Pritchard’s practical Bible teaching, and be broadcast into the world’s most populous nation from TWR’s high-powered transmitters in Guam.

The typical pastor in China shepherds multiple congregations – one widely cited statistic puts the ratio at one trained pastor for every 7,000 church members – serves in various capacities, makes his living from a second job and faces constant surveillance by the communist government.

“Our primary mission is to encourage and equip people to keep believing in Jesus,” said Pritchard, himself a longtime pastor, international conference speaker and frequent radio guest. “One big part of that involves encouraging pastors and Christian workers around the world. We do this primarily by providing free biblical resources on our website. Looking back, we can see clearly that God was leading us step by step to focus on China in a big way.”

Pritchard will provide his Bible messages to TWR, which will have its team translate them and have a native speaker record the Mandarin transcript. This becomes the heart of each Keep Believing Ministries broadcast, which will be aimed at helping China’s pastors spread the gospel to a potential audience of 878 million listeners. Later, the broadcasters will be able to experiment with other kinds of show segments, perhaps including the popular “Ask Pastor Ray” format, in which Pritchard takes on tough questions about Christianity from all comers.

The airwaves won’t be the only place to hear Pritchard’s messages, though. They also will be available in English and Mandarin on the program’s own Linguablast site, TWR’s customizable Web portal that enables ministries to distribute multilingual text, audio and video content to audiences around the world. iPhone and Android applications complement the KBM Linguablast site (, making the content even more widely available.

Yet another facet of the KBM-TWR partnership involves the distribution of Pritchard’s audiobook, “An Anchor for the Soul.” One of his 27 books, it will be available on the Linguablast site and on CDs and flash drives given directly to pastors and others in China.  

“The technological prowess of the TWR team is amazing,” said Pritchard, who called TWR the “gold standard of Christian broadcasting.” “Because they are on the cutting edge, we have an amazing variety of ways we can reach out and minister to the listeners via email and via the new Mandarin-language Keep Believing website.”

To get the new program off on the right foot, KBM is calling on 1,000 supporters of the ministry to join in prayer at the hour of its first broadcast into China – 7 a.m. EDT on Monday, March 26.

To learn more about KBM, visit