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TWR’s Spanish department began airing and webcasting Truth in the Test Tube January 3, 2012, with the goal of “pulling weeds before planting seeds.” Jesus said that gospel seed doesn’t grow well in unprepared ground, as thorns and rocks prevent the truth from taking root. This program counters the “science proves there is no God” propaganda by studying the intricate construction of the eye, the brain and other organs — revealing a complexity that can only point toward a supremely intelligent Creator.

Here are some listener responses from around the world:

  • I was brought up at a military base in the most atheistic surrounding. Through your programs, I discovered the Lord and came to the Evangelical church.” ~ A listener in Ukraine
  • I was deeply impressed by your notion that any person who investigates Nature must come to the idea of the Lord quite naturally.” ~ A professor at Moscow State University
  • A 23-year-old in China had atheistic indoctrination from pre-school through his university years.  As he listened, he found himself gradually changing from a complete skeptic, to a “half skeptic/half believer.”  He concluded, “Now I’m a complete believer.  You have rescued a dead soul!”

Powerful AM stations are beaming 208 episodes to Cuba and elsewhere throughout Latin America, as well as worldwide on the Web. Please pray that God will use it powerfully to reach people for his glory.