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TWR Africa’s Marketing and Communications Director, Brent Bartlett, recently sent out an email to several national partners informing them about available funds for the distribution of windup radios in their region. TWR Kenya’s National Director, Bernice Gatere, responded very quickly and excitedly, as follows:

“I just returned from a trip to a remote part of Kenya in the north called Marsabit. We are running one of our FM stations there and God has honored this work in a marvelous way, but the people do not have enough radios. Poverty levels there are so high that buying a radio is a luxury they can't afford. One pastor, who preaches on the radio, visited a village that expressed joy for his ministry but regretted the lack of radios. They had a special request: ‘We will give you our goats in exchange for radios.’  This was a request that he could only smile about, knowing how this particular tribe values their livestock.”

There are two reasons why we distribute windup radios in Africa:

  1. In most parts of Africa, radio is better than TV. TV’s are in short supply and generally for the rich. Additionally, the quality of television is low due to a lack of funds to develop these stations, so far more people listen to the radio than those who watch TV.
  2. Most people cannot afford radios or batteries, and electricity is often inaccessible. Windup radios enable them to generate their own power and listen to the gospel.

Brent has handed out many windup radios in Africa and he explains, “Nothing is more satisfying than to visit someone in some rural African village and give them a radio and see their face light up with appreciation and a desire to listen to the gospel.”

Learn more about TWR-Africa's ministry.