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This week, TWR Bonaire staff members (pictured, from left) Jonas Fischer, Marco Rienstra, Daryl VanDyken and Dave Pedersen are undergoing training at Nautel in Halifax, Canada. Nautel is the manufacturer of the 400 kW transmitter that TWR ordered in in April.

The training centers on how to install, maintain and make optimal use of the transmitter.

After this week, it will be packed and shipped to Bonaire. TWR Bonaire is expecting the transmitter to arrive in mid-December. Installation and testing will be done in January.

All on the Same Page

Jonas Fischer, an electrical engineer and maintenance manager for TWR Bonaire wrote us,

“After we had some basic theory yesterday, our brain was ready for today’s practical assembly training of the transmitter. We went through the manual first, then had a look at the transmitter, and went through all the different procedures and hidden screws and connections that we have to keep an eye on! So far the training has been very helpful in terms of going through details and it ensures that we are all on the same page to get everything set up for the installation in January.”

team getting training for the new Bonaire transmitter

Bernard Oosterhoff, station director of TWR Bonaire says, “This training and visit to Nautel manufacturrers is another milestone in the Power Up project. In the months to come, we still have to finish many ‘small’ things before we can install the transmitter in January.” 

History of the Power Up Project on Bonaire

The Power Up Bonaire project is not just about replacing the current 100,000-watt transmitter with the new 450,000-watt transmitter. Basically, all broadcast-related equipment is being replaced; only the four towers and the building will stay in place. Some highlights of the project so far:

  • 2013 – Start of the project: planning and engineering phase
  • 2014 – Building new antenna tuning houses at each of the four towers and preparing a room for the phasor
  • 2015 – Installation of four new feedlines from the transmitter building to the towers
  • 2016 – Installation of insulators on each of the 48 guy wires holding the towers, installing equipment in the antenna tuning houses, preparing the rooms for the transmitter and air conditioning
  • 2017 – Construction of a transformer building, installation of the phasor, electrical equipment, air conditioning and the dummy load
    • November 2017 - Transmitter training TWR staff
    • December 2017 - Transmitter will be shipped
  • January 2018 – Installation of the transmitter

On Jan. 30, 2018, we will celebrate the completion of the Power Up project! This will mean that the reach of our radio station, 800 AM, will have doubled from 50 million potential listeners to 100 million potential listeners.

Many hard-to-reach areas like Cuba, the Amazon and rural areas in Colombia will now receive the gospel with a strong signal and a clear message!