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If you were to take a tour of the TWR America's headquarters in Cary, NC, you would notice that our walls are covered with maps and photos from around the world.  You would see a collection of dolls representing various countries.  There is a display of solar, wind-up, and battery powered radios.  And if you're very observant, you'll find a blue, yellow, and red colored tin box resting on a bookcase shelf.  The tin box is from India, and it's an example of the boxes that TWR listeners in India use to make sacrificial offerings to TWR's work.  The box reminds these listeners that they "have a share in reaching the unreached."  This tin box reminds me that as a follower of Jesus, no matter what my level of income is for a particular month or year, I have a responsibility to financially support God's Great Commission.

Click here to learn more about TWR's work in India