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I have good memories of my teenage years.  I hope you do too.  But unfortunately, many Ticuna teens in Brazil aren't enjoying this time period in their lives.  In fact, they live in shame.  Why?  Their fathers often struggle with alcohol and drug addictions and are primarily absent from the family.  And when they come home, still under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they often beat their teenage children.  That's where the shame comes from, and that's why many of these teens wind up killing themselves.  So, what can we do?  While it is not very practical to travel to the Amazon, we can take part in TWR's Bonaire Transmitter Power Upgrade Project so that needed biblical programming can reach into the Ticuna villages.

Click here to learn more about TWR's Bonaire Transmitter Power Upgrade Project

(Photo of Jonatas Hudner, Interpreter, Jose Carlos Santos, Executive Director of RTM-Brazil, Andy Napier, and Samuel Mattos, Studio Director of RTM-Brazil)